About Tamara

Tamara McRill is a freelance writer, focusing on news, politics, sports, lifestyle and business. Her home improvement and real estate articles come from a wealth of experience as a home flipper and landlord. 

As owner, editor and a contributing writer for Pundit This, Tamara gets to amplify the political concerns of average Americans. She does this by not only providing commentary and analysis, but by featuring writers who offer their own authentic perspective.

A political junkie, Tamara also covers current government news as the National Politics Roundup Examiner for  Examiner.com.

Tamara began her career writing for newspapers, but is now reaching larger audiences online. Even though the industry is fading, she still carries the lessons learned in the newsroom with her.

She did a brief stint as sports editor for the News Progress, a weekly Illinois paper. 

Tamara's online writing credits include Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Finance, Yahoo! Sports, Yahoo! Movies, Rivals.com and NoiseCreep. Tamara also provides content for Demand Media and Yahoo! Voices.

She is currently working on a novel and her flash fiction has appeared on Leodegraunce. 

Whoosh...exhale. Now that the formal intro is over--Hi, my name is Tamara. I write--everything from news to fantasy. It's one of those "since I was able to" type of affairs.

At the core, I'm a fierce mixture of spontaneity, focus, curiosity, irreverence and creativity.  

I'm obsessed with the truth and fascinated by liars. 

I like my caffeine cold. Serve my heroes up hot and bitingly tragic.

The only thing I hate enough to nuke is that serial poseur, the Oxford comma. Though it may just be a misunderstanding.

I heart the ampersand for its brevity and beauty.  

But, mostly, I'm a writer.


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