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On-Target Content Marketing by Tamara McRill

While my freelance writing websites are down for redesign, this page will serve as a mini reference for current and prospective clients.

Why hire Tamara?

(Excerpted from website)

Let my experience as a journalist and SEO writer make your publication's articles or website content connect with your audience and shine in search results. Now, more than ever, search engines are looking to rank relevant unique content. Search engine optimization needs to be done organically, with a fluidity that can't be forced or stuffed in as an afterthought.

My reporting skills will make the articles on your site more than just commonly regurgitated information. Expertly gathered facts, studies, interviews, news topics and more can be blended into authoritative, yet personable, content that will engage readers and keep them coming back for more.

Don't think this type of journalistic approach applies to your website? It just might. Some examples:
  • Using location to establish an authoritative connection. Your business may be the type found in most cities, but your clientele face a set of  problems unique to your area or demographic. 
  • Catering in South Carolina will highlight a different cuisine than California, as well as cooking methods. 
  • Real estate sold in New York will have considerations not needed in Idaho, and vice versa. 
  • I can use facts and studies pertaining to your type of business and your locale to show readers and customers that you or your site are an expert on information specifically geared towards their needs.
If you are just looking for basic well researched and engaging content, I can handle these projects as well.

Contact Tamara to discuss your project at trmcrill@yahoo.com.

Find Tamara's Work Online
Tamara has been published on some of the most popular websites the the world; including ABC, Good Morning America, Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Finance, Yahoo! Sports, Yahoo! Movies, Yahoo! Voices,  Shine, eHow Money, NoiseCreep and Rivals.com. 

She enjoys many paid blogging and ghostwriting positions for multiple lifestyle and business blogs, including CANIDAE Pet Food's Responsible Pet Ownership blog and Laptop Billboard's Brand Your Backside.


Yahoo! News
Tamara currently enjoys writing two news beats for the Yahoo! Contributor Network, which are published to Yahoo! News. She also has separate assignments and writes on topics of her choice that often appear on the news site.

Writing Samples:
Gas-Saving Tips From Illinois Residents
Yahoo! Movies

Yahoo! Voices
Tamara covers a variety of subjects on Yahoo! Voices, including; news, business, real estate, lifestyle, entertainment and health. Her body of work has accumulated over a million views and she is in the top 500 of over 400,000 contributors, breaking into the 'Hot 100' every few months. 

Writing Samples:
Interview Mistakes to Avoid, that You Don't Know You're Committing  
2011 Detroit Auto Show Highlights Include Porsche Racing Hybrid   
Surprise Golden Globes 2011 Winner Katey Sagal Prevails After Last Year's Snub  
Spokeo Privacy Violation Warnings Spread by Facebook Users 
First Person: Black Friday Shopping Tips from a Veteran 
How to Find a Good Home Inspector for Your Potential New Home 
Jeans Trends for Spring 2010: Destroyed Denim is Back with Class 
Swine Flu Already Causing Woes for Petersburg, Indiana, Hog Farmer

Content Pricing

The actual price for each writing project varies, taking into consideration word length, subject difficulty, research needs and other requirements. All payments are to be made through PayPal.
Basic SEO Blogging:

Well researched, authoritative quality blog posts that can be written in a voice to match your blog's style.

300 words: $20.99 to $25.99 | 400-500 words: $26.99 to $29.99 | 500 words and up: $30.99+
Originally Sourced SEO Blogging:

Includes choice of interviews and original research that can be related to current trends or news topics.

300 words: $29.99 to $34.99 | 400-500 words: $35.99 to $38.99 | 500 words and up: $39.99+
Niche Articles:

Specializing in business, real estate, health, sports and lifestyle topics. If you are looking to submit the content to an article submission site please be aware of its minimum word count rules. Many require at least 400 words.

300 words: $25.99 to $29.99 | 400-500 words: $30.99 to $33.99 | 500 words and up: $34.99+
Originally Sourced Niche Articles:

Includes reporting and/or interviews done by Tamara, the best SEO content option for engaging readers and enticing them to return to your site.

300 words: $34.99 to $39.99 | 400-500 words: $40.99 to $43.99 | 500 words and up: $44.99+

Website Content/Landing Pages:

Engaging, authoritative and clean website copy written in the voice of your business. 

Editing: $35.99 to $45.99 per page | Landing Pages: $275.00 to $300.00 per page | Other Pages: $125.00 to $250.00 per page
Rush Orders:

Sometimes you need quality content in a hurry. TM Writing Services can help you out. Since rush orders are given top priority, an additional small fee is charged.

One-two articles: $7.99 | Three to five articles: $10.99 | Six or more articles: $13.99

Landing Pages: $45.00 for one page, plus $25.00 each for any additional pages

How the process works
  • Contact Tamara (tmcrill@gmail.com) with your content and project needs.
  • All work requires a 50% deposit before the project is started. 
  • A portion of the article will be sent over for your approval and can be sent back for revisions. One revision, per article, is included in pricing. 
  • Once you are happy with the article, remaining payment is due.
  • Once full payment is received, full rights (or any others agreed upon) are released and your finished article is promptly delivered  

or purchase your content needs now:

Basic SEO Blog Post 300 words

Basic SEO Blog Post 400-500 words

Originally Sourced SEO Blogging 300 words

Originally Sourced SEO Blogging 400 -500 words

Niche Articles 300 words

Niche Articles 400-500 words

Originally Sourced Niche Articles 300 words

Originally Sourced Niche Articles 400-500 words


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