Goals for 2012

Expanding My Market
1. Send out letters of introduction to trade magazines. Four per week.
2. Query two websites per week.
3. Query five print publications per month.

Writer Website Goals
1. Finish site redesign.
2. Keep updated with fresh clips once a month.
3. Start blog on site.

On Target Freelance Goals
1. Create Blog
  • Update three times a week. 

2. Ebooks centered around client needs. Aiming for six published in 2012.
3. Video Presentations.

Pundit This Goals
1. Post daily.
2. Build Social media platforms by engaging more.
3. Generate enough revenue to pay staff writers.
4. Implement more original graphics.
5. Create YouTube channel.
6. Post videos.

YCN Goals
1. Submit two unsolicited articles per month for upfront payment.
2. Apply for politics FC by June.
3. Submit all Comparison News Beat assignments.
4. Submit 10 weird sports and news commentary beat assignments per week.

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