Thursday, June 16, 2011

Saying 'Bye' to My Old Freelance Writing Website

A Throwback Thursday in Honor of My Former Online Presence 

I've had my personal freelance writer website for about two years now. It's been offline for many months, but I've finally gotten around to revamping it. I am paying for it, so might as well use it.

The old site had many components I liked, but overall was just too old looking and too packed with content and buttons. Given my background, it's not surprising that the design comes off a little newspaper-ish. Here's a screenshot of what the site looked like when I was blocking out the design in 2009:

My first attempt at a writer's website.
"Big Inviting Headline that Sells Me" pretty much sums up the site's purpose. Think any writing clients would have found it cute if I hadn't changed it to something more appropriate? Might

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Looking for Quotes on the MTV Movie Awards

I have a few articles in progress about the MTV Movie Awards. (On right now--check it out!) I've decided to try out Survey Monkey, which has been recommended by several writers looking for a large selection of quotes. I'll post my findings tomorrow.

Meanwhile...If you caught the show, feel free to answer the questions on what you liked, loved or hated for a chance to be quoted in the article. (Yep, that was shameless.) The first five or six questions are for an article for YCN, that is likely to appear on Yahoo! Movies. The next two questions are for two separate articles for YCN News/Entertainment.

You can find the survey here

Feel free to share the link (, anyone can answer. Taking answers until Monday, noon EST. Thanks!


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