Thursday, June 16, 2011

Saying 'Bye' to My Old Freelance Writing Website

A Throwback Thursday in Honor of My Former Online Presence 

I've had my personal freelance writer website for about two years now. It's been offline for many months, but I've finally gotten around to revamping it. I am paying for it, so might as well use it.

The old site had many components I liked, but overall was just too old looking and too packed with content and buttons. Given my background, it's not surprising that the design comes off a little newspaper-ish. Here's a screenshot of what the site looked like when I was blocking out the design in 2009:

My first attempt at a writer's website.
"Big Inviting Headline that Sells Me" pretty much sums up the site's purpose. Think any writing clients would have found it cute if I hadn't changed it to something more appropriate? Might
have gotten a smile or two. I have been putting little reminders like that in the new site, to remind myself that whatever content I put in needs to be relevant, compelling and interesting

I have a few pages done in the newest version; bio, rates and the header. I like to think that this incarnation is more dynamic and modern, while injecting a little more of my personality. There are still some design aspects that don't quite mesh, but I'm trying to not get too caught up on that.

Freelancing website take two.

It's not a complete goodbye--I've repurposed some of the photographs from the old header and used those in the newest one. The gray is also here to stay, only with a more interesting texture.

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