Sunday, September 18, 2011

Railin' & Writin': My newest mobile office

Ha! Finally got the pic and formatting to stick. Anyways,
pretty sweet set-up, huh?
From somewhere in Mississippi... 

Welcome to my newest office, the 59 City of New Orleans train.

I love the technology that finds me barrelling towards the Big Easy and not missing an iota of work. If anything I've logged some overtime on writing projects.

Client work for the week is done and I've written ahead on one of my sports beats. Daily deadlines can be submitted from the hotel--from a less shaky desk than I'm presently working.

I'm feeling uber global at the moment and writer-at-large-like. Of course, all the mobile tech doesn't work for long without a good old fashioned electrical outlet. I'll be catching up on news on Wednesday. Until then I plan on soaking up the city. It's a great day to be a freelance writer. If I hadn't been awoken by being smacked in the arm by an Amtrak hat in Memphis, it would be an amazing day overall.

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