Sunday, January 22, 2012

Goals, SOPA, Tricks, Pics and the Super Bowl

I posted a short list of my 2012 writing goals as a separate page on this blog earlier today. Instead of worrying about what I have or have not completed in January, I'll start checking things off starting the first of next month.

Look for a progress report at the end of every month and some helpful tips in between. Shaping up to be an amazing year! Remember: Experience, Love and Achieve are the buzzwords!

Ever wonder where other bloggers are when they're not posting? I do. Here's the corners of the Internet I've been hiding in this past week:

Over on Pundit This, I harassed asked fellow writers their take on SOPA.

Kimbery Morgan asks (and I answered): What if Facebook decides to shutdown to protest SOPA/PIPA too? Would you be cool with that?

Sometimes, tricking children is good for them. Or us. It can be confusing, but Carol Bengle Gilbert still let my quote fly.

Turns out boho-everything is pin-worthy. But not more so than those rascally peeps.

(BTW, Pinterest is my new writing inspiration board--I could almost break up with Evernote. Almost. Amazing for those of us who are visual.)

Gearing up for the Super Bowl means massive decorating. Giant balloon footballs anyone? So, again, I harassed asked writers to post their best tips on Facebook.

So where have you been all week?

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