Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Go! Go! Go Shorty! I Nominate @PunditThis for a Shorty Award in #Government because people should count in politics, not stump speeches

Up for a Shorty Award? Don't let those Hanging Chads get you down--there's a workaround!

Nominate Pundit This... for a social media award in the Shorty Awards!
Vote for Pundit This... for a Shorty Award.
Is anyone else up for a Shorty Award?

My website, is, in the 'government' category.  The voting period ends at midnight on Feb. 17, so this is the final push to let people know how they can vote--it's quick and easy. I also wanted to take a minute to thank those who have already voted and let everyone know why this year's awards are so important to me.

Pundit This began eight months ago, on the vague idea that we should be able to discuss political topics on a site that is dedicated to how these issues personally affect our daily lives. I didn't really have a firm vision then, but that just my own voice wasn't enough.

It needed to be a collaboration, and a balance between news and commentary, in order to be meaningful.

It's a continuous work in progress--and that's not a bad thing.

For those of you that have been following along in recent months, you may have noticed that other writers' voices have been added. Something we were extremely excited to see come to fruition. Winning a Shorty Award would bring even more traffic and therefor more paid writers and voices to the site.
Have Uncounted Votes?

Pundit This is currently jockeying hourly between 15th and 17th place (out of over 400 nominees!) because I unwisely chose to campaign this past Sunday. Due to traffic from Whitney Houston's unfortunate passing and the Grammys, Twitter API went down. So none of those votes were counted. 
Looking for hanging chads.
Have you run into that problem during your campaign? Don't worry! The Shorty Awards has a 'Hanging Chad' site that allows you to submit the permalinks for those votes. You can find the form here.

Now that Twitter seems to have settled (as much as it ever does) I can see the 25-30 individual retweet votes and can submit these to be counted.
Thank You!

A huge thanks to everyone who have voted so far. I really do appreciate it and am extremely touched by @PunditThis' Twitter followers and level of reader engagement there. 

The site has a small Twitter following, yet over 80 percent of you have tweeted a vote. Know how huge that is? Everyone placed above us has votes from 4 percent, or less, of their huge followings. Most have only received votes from under 1 percent.

Also, I want to give a special shoutout to those of you who found the site on Twitter, after hanging out on Pundit This' Facebook page. Each and every one of you rock!

I hope that means we are doing something right and are truly engaging. Feel free to let us know how we can improve.
Help us move up by tweeting your vote for Pundit This

Now here comes the begging call to action.

Please take a moment to follow @PunditThis on Twitter and vote for us. We'll follow back and are into RTing and conversation. Only one vote counts per person, so you only have to tweet once. :)

The easiest way to vote and follow is to go to this tweet and click 'Follow' and 'Retweet'. Here's the URL, in case the link is misbehaving:!/PunditThis/status/169724417885224960

Other ways to vote: 
1.  If you want to write in your own reasons, you can vote on Pundit This' Shorty Awards page. To do that, follow this link to finish the tweet:   
I nominate @PunditThis for a Shorty Award in #government because...[add your reason here] 
3. Retweet this post, using the share buttons. **The title is formatted like a vote.**

2. Or just tweet one of these (or something similair).
  •  I nominate @PunditThis for a Shorty Award in #government because they put the people back in politics.
  • I nominate @PunditThis for a Shorty Award in #government because they track social media's place in politics.
  • I nominate @PunditThis for a Shorty Award in #government because of their focus on the real concerns of voters.
  • I nominate @PunditThis for a Shorty Award in #government because their video..well it doesn't *quite* rock..but they do!
  • I nominate @PunditThis for a Shorty Award in #government because they shine a unique light on politics.
  • I nominate @PunditThis for a Shorty Award in #government because their writers are awesomesauce.
  • I Nominate @PunditThis for a Shorty Award in #Government because people should count in politics, not stump speeches.
You get the point. It can be as serious or funny as you like. We really appreciate your votes!

Enough about me. Are up for a Shorty Award? Put your links in the comments, so we know where to vote.

(And won't you be just a little bit happy when Saturday gets here and voting is over? It's been a busy month! )

Photo Credits top to bottom:; Public Domain/Wikimedia Commons
Video Credit: Go!Animate   Video Script Credit: Tamara McRill 


  1. Yay, citizen engagement!!! I just voted for you - way to go!

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Leah, and a HUGE thanks for voting!

  3. I have sent my twitter vote in for you! I'll show up as @trancingqueen! Best of luck!!

  4. You got my vote. This is such a great idea, I have to say it again!

  5. Good luck! Going to vote now! :)



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