Sunday, September 30, 2012

Free Freelance Writing eBook: Learn how to turn your writing into a business and make more money

Seriously, who doesn't want more money for their writing?

I sure do. And I've made more since reading "Managing a Freelance Writing Business: A Writer's Guide to Building a Strong Business," by Angie Mohr, CA, CMA. I still refer to the tips in this book today. That's why I'm so excited to let you know this ebook is free on Amazon today and tomorrow.

I bought the book and found it to be invaluable. Now you can benefit from it for free.

No, thinking about the business end of our craft isn't what typically drags us to the keyboard, but "Managing a Freelance Writing Business" is filled with tantalizing tips on how to turn one idea--even one article--into multiple revenue streams. More money? Now that's inspiration!

Check out the chapter listing:

1. Introduction
2. Should I Incorporate?
3. Accounting for Freelance Writers
4. Job & Query Tracking
5. Profitable Job Quoting
6. Insurance 101 for Freelancers
7. Dealing with Plagiarism and Copyright Infringement
8. Understanding Licensing Rights
9. Selling Your Writing Multiple Times

Crucial stuff, right? Exactly.

Why Take Her Advice?

Angie is a seriously smart lady (she's a Chartered Accountant and Certified Management Accountant) and an accomplished writer who gets her points across in an easy-to-comprehend--and follow--style. Maybe you've heard of her successful "Numbers 101 for Small Business" book series or her newest book, "Piggy Banks to Paychecks: Helping Kids Understand the Value of a Dollar"?

If you've spent any time at all hanging around Yahoo!'s homepage, then you've probably come across some of her articles featured there. All from well-known sites like Forbes, MSNBC Money and Investopedia.

She Cares About Freelance Writers

So she knows business and this isn't another free ebook from a wannabe writer. Angie's the real deal. She is also a firm believer in writers getting paid what they are worth. That's not something you will find on a profile. I'm telling you that from experience. That advocacy comes through in "Managing a Freelance Writing Business." 

It's there in the way she empowers writers to figure their wages and say no to clients who aren't worth it.

Here's the link to the free ebook on Amazon: Managing a Freelance Writing Business: A Writer's Guide to Building a Strong Business. Enjoy!

Did you get your free copy of "Managing a Freelance Writing Business: A Writer's Guide to Building a Strong Business"? What was your favorite part?

Any other books you would recommend for freelance writers?

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