Monday, January 25, 2010

Heading to the Big Easy!
New Orleans Trip Booked

It's official - we will be leaving for New Orleans around 11 p.m. tomorrow night. The train tickets are booked, hotel reserved and anticipation is high! Only thing that is making me nervous is getting on the train. I've never traveled by train and the Amtrack representative has assured me that we will have seconds to board. What if we miss the train? Boo!

Hoping to come back reguvinated and full of story ideas. I already have a bunch in mind. Every online freelance writer needs time exploring the real word. What would we have to write about otherwise? Travel is one of my favorite topics to write about, as it lets me relive amazing experiences.

My trusty laptop will be making the journey, so I can work on the way there and back. Good thing - because this impulsive vacation coincides with several deadlines.

One funny story to share (I also tweeted this): When I became frustrated with Amtrack's voice recognition menu, I sweetly said, "You suck!" (mature right?) Mechanical voice promptly replied, "Did you say Compton, California?" Tee hee!

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