Friday, February 19, 2010

Applied to Join the Boys' Club: Break Studios

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Applied to BreakStudios tonight. They seem to be branding themselves as the go-to place for men's entertainment, with six different sites that cater to a Maxim-esque demographic. You know: food, bars, babes and cars. Strangely enough, this sounds like it could be fun to write - possibly a chance to be a wee bit impudent!

Rumor is the site only pays $8 per article, but the word count is low. Not as well paying as Seed or even Associated Content (especially counting PV bonuses), but final judgement can't be made unless I'm handed the golden ticket.

Even if the pay isn't as much as I would want (not sure that's even possible), it's always good to have several sites to write for. Never know when a site will disappear. Or in the case of my Edubook experience, quit paying before I submitted my first article. Not that I didn't have an opportunity to make money with Edubook. I was just too busy and had to take a couple months hiatus from some sites, right after I was accepted there as a writer.

For those interested in applying, be prepared to provide basic personal info, resume, writing sample and some fun facts.

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