Friday, September 24, 2010

Free International Freelancers Day Conference About to Start--Celebrate Your Career

Free Freelancing Conference Brings Back College Memories

International Freelancers Day is a free two-day online conference held September 24 and 25. Freelancers who wish to attend need to register--it's as simple as entering your email address and confirming the message.

The conference starts at 9 a.m. ET, on both days. Session video will be available at a later date, but you have to be registered to view it.

What's in it for you:

There will be 10-15 sessions each day, delving into topics that directly affect the modern freelance writer. founder Michael Stelzner will discuss
"How Facebook Can Supercharge Your Freelance Business."

Copyblogger founder Brian Clark will cover and simplify SEO copywriting.

Presenter Dan Poynter, author and publisher, will tackle an introduction to book writing, publishing and promoting.

Other International Freelancers Day Conference session topics include building networks, markets, clients, inspiration, productivity, branding and much more.

Remember Your First Writing Conference?

Maybe it's the autumn breeze blowing through the window, but while waiting for this conference to begin I am remembering my college journalism conferences. The best for me (and by best I mean free travel) always happened in the fall. With my college newspaper staff , I traveled to Washington D.C., Kansas City and Atlanta.

Exciting stuff for a small town girl from Illinois. (Also the reason why spring conferences weren't as exciting--we always went to Chicago.)

I can remember rushing from session to session, taking in every word from the journalism professionals I wanted so badly to be. How to do investigative journalism, front page design, cultivating sources--it was all so overwhelming and exciting.

This was a little over ten years ago, but even then some speakers were broaching the topic of online journalism. I listened with half an ear, not knowing where the future would lead, daydreaming of the day I would be the center of a frantic newsroom.

How times have changed.

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