Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bachelor Pad Premiere Commentary Published on Yahoo! Leads to a Suggestion on Google Alerts

Do You Know Where Your Articles Are Re-Posted?

My Bachelor Pad premiere article found its way onto Yahoo! News/Entertainment. It was published in August, but I just discovered the posting last night. That's more of a springboard for this post, so maybe more on that at a later time. But it's part of the journey, so here's a screen shot:

You can read the original article here.

I do have something related to say about Google Alerts. Many online writers utilize these to be notified when
their byline is published and to check out who has thrown them some link love. (It's also handy-dandy for catching copyright infringements.) I have a Google Alert set on my name for these exact purposes.

However, I didn't receive a Google Alert when this article was published on Yahoo! News. Chances are I have missed other times my byline has been used on other sites.

The solution? To set alerts on unique blocks of text. I figure this should up the chance of being alerted when my work hits another site. I plan on setting alerts for the title and snippets of the intro, middle and final paragraphs.

It's completely feasible to do this with every article (quit picturing the horror of a flooded inbox) since the system allows you to set up once a day notifications. The mechanics of it are to simply copy, paste and submit. Easy-peasy and great for piece of mind.

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