Saturday, December 4, 2010

Hot 100 for November aka an Excuse to Post

My page views for November 2010 on the Yahoo! Contributor  Network (Y!CN), formerly Associated Content, merited a nifty 'Hot 100' badge. This is only the second time I've won this badge--the first being in September 2010--which is given to the top 100 contributors with the most traffic.

It's cool. It means my Y!CN bonus is larger than normal, but it is not the reason I'm posting. The badge is an excuse to post. Not that I've had a lack of topics to discuss. I seem to have contracted blog paralysis--where the ideas flow, but the fingers refuse to type.

This is me getting over it. Now if I could only kick this cold...

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  1. exciting news for you...

    Check out weekly challenges and have more fun!

    Tuesday Thankfulness Challenge, poetry potluck, Awards/Tags 4 u

    Glad to meet!
    Bless you.



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