Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lazarus Update: Form App Resurrects Lost Writing

Firefox App Article Saver for Glitchy Submission Templates
In July, I wrote about a form data saving application for Firefox called Lazarus. It looked like the ultimate solution to bringing back writing snatched away by submission template snafus. I promised an update, so here's the lowdown: It works!

I first had the chance to use the app a couple months ago. Logged out in the middle of submitting a finished article, I got the dreaded session log out message. Holding my breath and muttering, "Please, please, please work," I logged back in. Eyes closed, fingers crossed, I hit the 'Back' button twice and arrived at the blank template. Right clicking on an empty field, Lazarus was
there with my whole article!

Fast forward to last Friday, and a hard drive replacement later, and I was in a similar situation. Right up against deadline and a freshly written movie article ready to submit. Except I got click happy and hit the wrong button. Lost the whole piece. Lazarus could have saved it, but I never re-downloaded it after replacing my hard drive.

You can bet that app is on my browser now. And, yes, I know to never write in a risky template. (And they all are risky.) If you are an online freelance writer or even submit for print online Lazarus can save you from rewriting lost articles. Or, in my case, save me from my own stupidity.
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  1. Thanks for this post! I'd never heard of this, but it sounds like an essential add-on.

  2. Eliza- it really is! (Especially for people like me who play write-in-the-template roulette.) If you use Firefox as a browser, it's worth checking out.



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