Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Writing Life

Writing Without Glasses? Not So Much... 

Vanity can be the bane of productivity. In order to be a productive freelance writer, actually seeing what is on the computer screen is vital to submitting any writing. 

Pretty simple, right? Yeah, well, not if you normally wear contacts and abhor eyeglasses. I get excellent points for toddling off periodically and purchasing contacts. The plan always is to buy glasses sometime...later. 

Sooner would have been better. Falling asleep on the couch typically involves taking out my contacts and giving them a good saline rinse. Except when I woke up this morning I discovered the saline was empty. An attempt to put on my trusty taped glasses resulted in a lens falling into the sink drain.  

After a lengthy rescue effort (involving pink straws, electrical tape and a tea spoon) I was able to put them on. And couldn't read a thing. Eight years of violent wear and tear had finally finished them. 

Now that I think about it, I'm fairly sure I was subconsciously trying to annihilate those glasses. I've always hated how they looked and reacted to my sensitive skin. Crimes committed against my eye wear were many. They've been slept on, stepped on, crushed between bed and wall, dropped down many holes, imprisoned in sofa cushions and tortured by my puppy's teeth.

Anyways, back to writing productivity. It was well after 4 p.m. when I managed to secure contact solution. A whole day of writing literally down the drain. As a writer I back up my work, buy duplicate office supplies, have a home phone in case the cell doesn't work and even have a backup computer. None of which matters if I can't see to actually use any of it. 

Photo by mexcast / flickr

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