Friday, July 9, 2010

Lazarus Potentially Useful for Online Writers

Firefox Add-On that Resurrects Lost Writing in Article Templates

In tonight's gorge of follow-the-next-link reading, I spotted a post about Lazarus. Lazarus is a form entry data saver add-on for Firefox users. It can recover typing lost in forms due to the server crashing, hitting the wrong button, etc.

I had to immediately check this app out!

I have yet to use an online publishing template that hasn't at some point glitched an article away. The logical advice would be to not type directly into the template. But sometimes as a writer deadline pressures loom and I just open the darned thing and start pecking away.

Installing Lazarus took a couple mouse clicks and a Firefox restart. The add-on is free, but there is an option to donate money.

I headed over to my Associated Content account to see how this bad boy would work. Starting a new article template, I filled in the title, description and article fields. Without saving, I clicked my 'Account' button. Then hitting 'Back,' my now blank publishing template was displayed.

A right click in the title field gave me the option to Recover Text (my title was listed next to this). I chose my title and Lazarus filled in all three missing fields! (Title, description and article.) Pretty sure I heard angels singing.

There was a little bit of a let down when I left the article-again without saving-and went to access it from the content tab. (Article was saved as incomplete.) Lazarus was unable to resurrect any of my writing this way. BUT - if I hit the 'Back' button until arriving at the original template opening, the app was able to fill in my text.

Next time I hit an article-eating glitch I'll post an update on whether Lazarus was able to come to my rescue.

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  1. Interesting, Tamara.

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