Thursday, May 26, 2011

Freelancing Means Fun Things Aren't Forsaken

The backdoor in my office leads right to this. Tempting!
It means indulging in quirky fun during the workday

Freelance writing from home has numerous perks besides never missing work to wait on the cable/internet/phone/UPS guy. One of the greatest benefits for me personally is being able to find frequent stopping points in my work day to enjoy a bit of fun. Here are some of the shenanigans I've gotten up to during a normal work day:
  • Impromptu shopping binges. 
  • Eating lunch at home with my guy. Better yet, going for ice cream!
  • Chasing toads/hummingbirds/butterflies in the yard.
  • Going for mud puddle stomping walks with the nephews.
  • Jumping in the swimming pool midday. (So very, very cold!)
  • Playing keep away with the dogs.
  • Finding animals to beg for on Craigslist. (0 for 3 this month: a monkey, baby goats and  a puppy.)
  • Caking on the makeup--topped off with three coats of mascara and crimson lips--and it's photo time!
  • Said makeup, crank the music and dance around like a rock star.
  • Buy tickets to go on vacation the next day. Hey, this office is mobile.
Sure, the mundane stuff happens too. Laundry, cooking and dish washing--even cleaning the toilet--happens between articles. Have to do something while I'm up stretching. At least those chores aren't left for my after-work free time.

Oh, and tomorrow I get to skip out for a couple hours in the morning to go to a nephew's awards assembly. How many jobs would have let me have time off for that?

Photo credit: Tamara McRill 

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  1. You are one very lucky woman to have such a terrible, daunting work life! I would kill to have a job like that. There is nothing better than enjoying your life and having work, work with you!




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