Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lazily Lapsing on Leaving Little Love Letters

Has he noticed? Part of me hopes so.

There was a time when a hand-drawn sweetly versed card was tucked ever so secretively into the fridge, nestled next to his favorite drink or treat. The coffee table was often graced with lovingly penned short tributes to how he made me smile.

Now the fridge is home to only to foodstuffs. Prepared with affection, for sure, but not quite the same delightful surprise. The coffee table, well, it is gone, but there are plenty of  lonely surfaces that would welcome such warm company.

It's not like my lack of writing little love letters is something I just discovered. We impetuously decided to spend Valentine's Day in New Orleans. A love gift to ourselves--we agreed the only present to be exchanged--to get away as a couple. I had the thought that it wouldn't be breaking the rules to mail home a postcard. To briefly capture the moment and tell him how wonderful the adventure was. How wonderful he is.

I didn't do it. I had a stamp in my wallet, but I didn't do it.

It occurred to me on his birthday to tuck a note into his lunchbox, with some money for snacks. I gave him the cash, but didn't bother to write the note. He was cheated of a smile and didn't even know.

It's beyond lazy--it's, well I don't know what it is. It makes me sad inside. Of course I have excuses. I work from home now. Our time apart is short. It would be hard to find a moment or place to tuck a note, without him immediately finding it. Hard, but not impossible.

Card and gift for him. Valentine's Day 2010
New Orleans Valentine's vacation 2011.

Sometimes it can be hard to remember that writing isn't only a passion or a business. Something we indulge in because the story needs telling or a product someone purchases from us. It's also a way to to communicate to our loved ones. To offer a reflection of how we see them, for them to treasure.

I don't even know if he's missed or even noticed the lack of love letters. I wouldn't want him to be hurt. But the part of me that writes them, and hopes to add an instance of magic to his day, well that part sure hopes so.

Do you ever use your writing to make someone feel special?

Photo credits: (top left) Rachel C / Wikimedia Commons, (center left and right) Tamara McRill


  1. I send little notes in the mail to my grandchildren, even though they live just blocks from me and I see them almost every day. I don't leave any for my hubby, though, but I'm sure he would love it. It's time to rectify the oversight--tonight, after the car is in the garage for the night, I'm going to slip out there and tape a little note onto the steering wheel for him to find in the morning! :O)

  2. I try to write little notes to my parents and my friends, especially when I know they can use a cheering up. But I get lazy, just as I think everyone does. Sometimes I also think it's a fear of running out of things to say, too. Just remind yourself that it's all for the better of fun :)

  3. I haven't written a note to anyone in years! I'll send instant messages to my son through Google chat once in a while telling him I love him. I'll see that he's inactive, but I know he'll see the message when he checks his email. But, physically writing a note, other tan in a card I'm mailing, doesn't happen like it used to, for sure.



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