Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Going with My Gut Garners a Featured Article

Circled in red: My 'DWTS' article featured on AC News.
Chalking Up a Win for Instincts & 'Silly' Ideas

Not every topic I write about is steeped in seriousness. Sometimes the subjects would be considered fluff or just ridiculous. I feel confident many people would consider the article I wrote in the wee hours of the morning, "'DWTS' Winner Not a Blonde Celebrity; No Surprise," to fall into the 'frivolous' category. But, hey, I have to share the incongruous information in my head, especially when it eventually connects to form an interesting pattern.

Watching the "Dancing with the Stars" finale last night, I looked at my guy and announced, "Hines is so going to win, Kirstie and Chelsea are blondes." Which reminded me that I had an idea last season to write about how blond celebs rarely made it to the final three, let alone
actually win.

This seemed to be the perfect news opportunity to get some random hair-centric "DWTS" info off my mind and into an article. Should I write it? Not exactly the most sophisticated topic out there. My gut instinct was that it was now or never. Who knows? Next season may be overrun by golden-haired stars with magic gams. Besides, maybe it would spark water cooler talk for bored cubicle dwellers. Hey, I've been there, staring at someone, wishing I had something unique to add to the conversation.

So I wrote the article, which ended up featured on Associated Content's News page. I then ran into it on Yahoo! News, where it had been distributed. Not bad for one little article full of trivia.

Has going with your gut ever paid off for you?

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