Monday, May 23, 2011

Interesting New Interview How-To Blog

I'm a big proponent of online writers adding quality sources to their articles and have mentioned several times that interviewing experts is one of the best ways to do so. Wouldn't you know I'm not the only writer who thinks so? Yahoo! News contributor Brad Sylvester has created a brand new blog devoted to the process of interviewing experts.

Discover the realities of interviewing experts.
'Interviews with Experts' isn't just a straight 'how to interview' lecture. What makes it interesting is that the blog is a mix of advice in addition to Sylvester taking specific issues he encounters during the interview process and discussing how he dealt with each one. More importantly, he
honestly relates to readers why he makes certain decisions.

He then links to the published article, so readers can see what the final version looks like. Brilliant.

Even though his newest blogging endeavor is only in its infancy--being less than a week old--I feel confident in  sending you Sylvester's way. Why? Because I stalk..err..follow one of his other blogs, 'Writing News for the Web.' So I already know his advice is credible and applicable.
Excellent blog for online news writers.
In his news writing blog, Sylvester tackles weighty subjects, such as credibility and quality control. He also provides tips on finding article ideas and sources. Between the two blogs, you can get a fairly comprehensive perspective of what goes into online news writing.

Have a writing resource blog? Share the link in the comments.

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