Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Healthy Writing Space Habits = Less Hours + More $

Ergonomics for computer users.
Economics of Ergonomics and Eye Care

I'm writing this post in my living room, by the glow of the laptop screen and slight illumination from the kitchen light. Cross-legged and hunched over...now stretched out with the love seat arm pressing into my neck...and I've just jabbed a toothpick into my eye.

Okay, not just, more like twenty minutes ago. Needed recovery time. Proving--albeit extremely painfully--my point. Which is this: If your writing space isn't set up properly it can hurt you and how much money you are making.

If you can't see what you are doing, squinting or hunting around for things, that wastes time. If you are constantly squirming around, trying to get comfortable, there goes more time. Have to
stop writing because you are in pain? Say, "bye-bye" to more lost writing time.

The more time you lose, the less money you can make. Sure, you could just work longer, but who really wants that? Besides, there is only a given amount of hours in a day to write. Let's do ourselves a favor and make a habit to have our writing spaces set up for healthy productivity.

Healthy Writing Space Tips:
  • Use proper posture while sitting, typing, etc.
  • Don't pound at the keyboard. Extra force is more wear and tear on the hands.
  • Make sure lightening is sufficient to do tasks, but not so bright it hurts the eyes.
  • Have room to perform stretching exercises and move around.
  • Use ergonomically correct office furniture, keyboards, mouse pads, etc.

Tomorrow, I think I'll do my blogging in my office. Speedier and a lot less dangerous that way. Which reminds me, one last super important tip: Don't go to scratch your eyebrow with pointy objects in the dark. Trust me on this one.

Is your writing space healthy or hazardous?
Photo credit: Today at Berkeley lab/public domain/Wikimedia Commons

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