Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dogs: Taking care of writers since 2008

Okay, maybe the year just applies to me, but my canine companions definitely get credit for keeping this writer healthy. Which is important, because if I'm not feeling well--I'm not thinking well. And unclear thinking leads to sloppy writing.

My canine caregivers.
No, I don't have a trio of Doggie Bowser, MDs on my hands. Just normal, lovably active dogs.

As a primarily online freelance writer, it's not hard to get lost for hours down the internet rabbit hole. There are days where I'm so engrossed in what I'm writing that it's doubtful I would leave
my seat without some canine intervention. Luckily, walks need to be taken, food has to be given and toys are brought to my attention (admittedly sometimes by being chucked in frustration). All of which reminds me to get up, move around, get some grub and experience the day beyond the blinking cursor.

Emergency Wuppy intervention.
Their noisy slurping at the water bowls even remind me to seek some hydration beyond cold caffeinated goodness. Yup, my puppers take care of me.

Do your pets help keep you active?

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