Saturday, April 7, 2012

Google Plus: Balancing socializing and promotion

It's hard to tell if my friends are really beginning to use Google+ or if my circles are just growing. Either way, it's been months since my news feed could span days in a few seconds. Which meant I could check in a few times a week and be all caught up.

It has expanded to a social network that I need to be tuning into daily, but at first it was hard to break my less frequent habits. For me, Google+ was just, well, forgettable. 

Which was slightly mystifying, since I enjoy the design, functionality and customization. 

Was it just one too many social networks to handle? Perhaps, but months after joining I added Pinterest and Empire Avenue to my daily routine.

I finally figured out what was missing was conversation and interaction. Which should have been obvious since that is the exact reason I mass unfollowed friends on Twitter who posted massive amounts of links but were never there to socialize. Not to condemn, punish or be judgmental--I've made the same mistakes--but to make it enjoyable.

Now I'm not against promotion on social networks--far from it. I like to see what my friends have been writing, but a little conversation is nice too. Luckily, I've finally found that balance there, in my own posts and those of others. 

If you're on Google Plus and want to connect, you can find my writing page here and my personal profile here.

How are you liking Google+? Any tips?

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