Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pinning My Writing Inspirations on Pinterest

Pinterest is a magical tool for visually inspiring writers.  I know I said that before in January, but thought it was worth stressing again. The photo pinning social network can be used to create topic boards on all the topics you like to write about, but it's more than that. If you just use the site to pin things you like--and create niche topic boards for these pictures--it hones in on things you really love.

And who doesn't want to write about what they love?

Maybe you're  thinking that you already know what your passions are, but start pinning and you may be surprised. I was--about subjects from boho treats to office furniture to infographics. Of course it has also become another outlet for my weird sports, peep art and politics obsessions.

Oh, and it can be used for promoting articles too. Just make sure you have a share-worthy relevant photo to go with the post and attach the link. Try to use the site as the social network it is meant to be. Comment, share (repin) and like fellow pinners pics. Keep it spam free. 

Are you a pinning addict? Let's connect: Tamara on Pinterest


  1. Tamara, I had never thought about using Pinterest to help me clarify anything, but I can definitely see how that could be the case. Excellent point, and an additional benefit to using Pinterest!

    1. Thanks, Rebecca. It really does help me focus topics--and justify a mild pinning addiction!

  2. I am so addicting to Pinterest. In addition to sharing my articles there, I also use it for inspiration. Great read. Will be sharing this one.

  3. I only recently found Pinterest and I am addicted. I do use it for my writing too but I can see the potential for all sorts of things.



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