Thursday, April 5, 2012

Err.. What was that about enthusiastically embracing new writing endeavors?

An A to Z Throwback Thursday

For my 'E' post last year, I wrote about "Enthusiastically Embracing New Writing Endeavors" and I guess it's time to fess up to my success...and failure.

Of the two new projects I mentioned in the post, Pundit This is off the ground and running. My dream of turning it into a website and featuring the political voices of average Americans has come true. We are on to building readership, consistency--both of which already far exceed
that of this blog--and engagement.

We are also always looking for guest posters to add their perspective on political issues. If interested, you can check out the submission guidelines.

Now for the failure...

My hyper local news platform is still in the production phase. I'm currently doing market research for scalability and have a master plan for the setup. That kind of sounds like progress, but, in reality, I'm a bit trigger shy of launching.

Where are you at on your projects?

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